Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Office Location: 2377 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 631, Dallas, TX 75207-2710
Phone: (972) 692-4939  Fax: (214) 819-2880
Office Hours: 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M., Monday - Friday
Closed weekends and on County holidays

How can the Veteran Services Office help me?

What is an “Appointment of Service Representative” and why do I need one?

If I select a Service Organization as my representative, are there any charges or meetings I must attend?

What types of benefits are available?

I need a copy of my DD214/Military Discharge. How can I get a copy?

I would like to find out more about military discharge upgrades and correction of military records. Where can I go to get information?

Where do I go for a military ID card?

How do I enroll in the VA Medical System?

Will the VA fill my prescriptions from my private doctor?

Are there any VA medical facilities in the North texas area and where are they located?

How can I get a copy of my VA medical records?

I think my current disability/illness was caused by the military and want to file a claim for service connected benefits. What should I do?

I have been turned down several times before for my service connected injuries and no one can help me.

Is there a listing of all the things I need to file a claim with the VA?

Can I get a copy of my VA claim file that includes everything I ever sent the VA and everything the VA ever sent me concerning any claim I’ve submitted?

I am a disabled veteran or the surviving spouse of a deceased disabled veteran. How do I get a disability status letter from the VA so that I may take advantage of my property tax exemption benefits?

Who is eligible for Non-Service Connected (NSC) pension?

Can a widow of a veteran who was receiving Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) which was terminated due to remarriage have the benefit payments reinstated if their current spouse dies, or they get divorced?

I’m concerned about my education benefits and have questions. Who do I call?

I’m a veteran living in Texas. Does Texas have state benefits for veterans?

I want to apply for a VA Home Loan and need a Certificate of Eligibility. What should I do?

Are there any state homes for veterans in Texas?

The costs of my prescriptions are more than I can afford. Will the VA fill them for me?

I’m a retired, VA disability rated veteran. How can I find out more about the Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) program?

I’m a retired, VA disability rated veteran. How can I find out more about the Concurrent Retirement & Disability Pay (CRDP) program?

As an honorably discharged veteran, I know that I am eligible to be buried in a VA cemetery. Is there one in the North Texas area and can I reserve a spot?

Who do I call to report the death of a retired military member?

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We strongly advise applicants to consult with the County Veterans Services Office prior to submitting all documents to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Assistance is available to all who are shut-in and require help in completing applications and acquiring supporting documents. This may help to reduce delays in receiving benefits or preventing the denial of benefits.