Department of Unincorporated Area Services

    Department of Unincorporated Area Services 

    500 Elm Street, Suite 6100
    Dallas, Texas 75202

    Welcome to the Department of Unincorporated Area Services (DUAS). Our Mission is to facilitate and monitor activities through the administration of applicable regulations and services within unincorporated areas of Dallas County. This is accomplished, in part, by working with surrounding municipalities, Dallas County's Fire Marshal and Sheriff's Offices, and through partnerships with the Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other stakeholders.

    To achieve this mission, we work closely with businesses, citizens, community and other organizational representatives to ensure that Dallas County's unincorporated areas are managed in an effective manner. Leading these and other related efforts is a vital part of Dallas County government.

    DUAS is responsible for the below mentioned items as well as the planning and coordination of intergovernmental activities in all of Dallas County's unincorporated areas.

    • Applications & Permits
    • Addressing & Street Naming
    • Building & Development Permits & Process
    • Communications Facilities Structures (cell towers)
    • Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction Agreements
    • Floodplain Management
    • Inter-departmental Coordination
    • Nuisance Abatement
    • Outdoor Businesses (Auto Salvage Yards, Hog Pens, Junkyards, Slaughter houses, etc.)
    • Pre-Development Meetings
    • Residential Inspections & Permits
    • Septic Tanks
    • Slaughterhouses
    • Subdivision (platting)