Public Service Program

    Welcome to the Public Service Program!


    The mission of the Public Service Program is to provide timely and proficient services to Dallas County facilities.

    What We Do:

    1. Movers: Moving furniture for Dallas County properties - internal moves and surplus.
    2. Construction: Various jobs for all Dallas County properties including courtrooms, offices, etc.
    3. Painters: Paint all Dallas County properties per work orders submitted through
    4. Recycling: Pick up recycle bins and broken down cardboard from all Dallas County Facilities.

    How to Make a Request for Services

    1. Any inquiries or work orders needed for Movers, Recycle Bins or Construction should be phoned into (214) 751-4600 or emailed to
    2. All Paint work orders must be requested through Any inquiries about submitted work orders, contact (214) 751-4600.

    (Please provide a detailed description, including all of the below, for each request)

    • First and Last name
    • Contact Number
    • Building name
    • Department name, Court #, ETC.
    • Floor #
    • Room #