Jury Services General Information

Welcome Jurors to Jury Services!
If you have received a jury summons, please follow the process listed below.

If you have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus or have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus within five (5) days of your date of service, please do not appear. Rather, please send an email to Jury Services at JuryInfoGA@Dallascounty.org, with your name and Candidate ID#. Your date of service will be rescheduled.



If you receive a Standby Jury Summons:

1: Respond Online:
Respond to this notice by completing the juror questionnaire online at the Jury Response website before scheduled date.

You will have the option to defer service date, excuse service or disqualify service. Please respond here:


2: Report for Service:
Upon completion of your questionnaire, your status is now’ “CONFIRMED”. If selected, Jury Services will notify you 1 - 2 days in advance by provided email and, or text of your assignment time.


Jurors who appear unscheduled will not receive payment /credit for attendance.

3: Notice of Completion of Standby Term:
You will receive notification by email or text when Standby term is complete.



Response Questionnaire
Click the button below to complete the Response questionnaire.



Dallas County Sheriff’s Office Warn Residents of Missed Jury Duty Scam



Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the phone numbers listed on the summons.

Thank You!
Dallas County Jury Services Staff



Mission - Dallas County Jury Services is dedicated to facilitating the ability of our citizens to fulfill their role in the justice system.

Vision - To enhance the confidence and satisfaction of our citizens with jury service by assisting judges and court staff with jury management.

Values - Integrity, Collaboration, Professionalism, Responsiveness



This web site is designed to assist you with frequently asked questions regarding your jury service.  It is not a substitute for the Judge's instructions but is provided to help you understand Dallas County's procedures.

You may ask how your name was drawn for jury service.  The Legislature is responsible for all laws pertaining to the jury list or jury wheel.  Every 2 - 2 ½ years, the Secretary of State receives the Dallas County voter's registration list and the driver's license list from the Texas Department of Public Safety.  These lists are combined to make up Dallas County's jury wheel.

The current jury wheel contains 1.9 million names, which are randomized.  In the year 2000, 639,870 summons were mailed to prospective jurors.  The reason some people never receive a summons is "their placement on the list".  It is that simple.  

Potential jurors may submit a rescheduling request form online, filling in information from the jury summons they received.

Please have your jury summons in front of you to continue with the Jury Service Postponement Request Form.

Dear Jurors of Dallas County, in the event that Dallas County Government operations are the subject of closings, necessitated by inclement weather, there will be a broadcast announcing such closing on local radio and TV stations. If you receive a juror summons to report on a date that is the subject of a broadcast imposing a closure of Dallas County Government operations, your juror summons will be canceled. You will also receive a notification from Jury services by text and/or email and you do not need to reschedule your jury duty.

Thank you.

Dallas County Jury Services