Dallas County Pretrial Services

Dallas County Pretrial Services

Frank Crowley Courts Building - 133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, 1st Floor Room A9 and 2nd Floor Room A9, Dallas, TX 75207

Alcohol Monitoring Unit (AMU):  (214) 875-2289
Electronic Monitoring (ELM) / Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP):
  (214) 875-2282
General Pretrial:  (214) 875-2324
Smart Justice:  (214) 875-2289

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Our Mission

The mission of the Dallas County Pretrial Services is to enhance public safety by providing supervision for individuals released on bond to ensure court appearance and successful compliance with conditions of bond. 

Dallas County Pretrial Services is a department under Dallas County Administration.

Duane Steele, Director



Dallas County Pretrial Services offers the following programs:

  • Pretrial Release – Pretrial Release provides individuals who have been arrested on a Class A, and B Misdemeanors and some felonies with an alternative to remaining in jail while awaiting disposition of their case. 
  • Alcohol Monitoring Unit (AMU) – Technicians supervise defendants released on bond with a statutory or court ordered requirement to have an alcohol monitoring device as a condition of release.
  • Electronic Monitoring (ELM) – The Electronic Monitoring Program provides an opportunity for Defendants to be out of Jail under House Arrest and if allowed by their Judge they can go to Work and/or School while under intensive ELM supervision.
  • Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) – The Alternative Sentencing Program is designed to offer an alternative for those Defendants with County Jail sentences to serve their time on House Arrest, if allowed by the sentencing Judge.
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