Criminal Justice Department

Dallas County Criminal Justice Department


Frank Crowley Courts Building
133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, 4th Floor LB5

Dallas, TX 75207

The department’s mission, purpose, value, goals and vision statements are the reflection of the significant work and dedication contributed daily by department staff and community partnerships to help and secure public safety within Dallas County.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Dallas County Criminal Justice Department is to facilitate strategic planning with criminal justice and community stakeholders, to reduce recidivism and victimization by maximizing resources, leveraging data and effectively managing the Dallas County Jail Population, through greater use of evidence-based diversion strategies.

Purpose Statement

The Dallas County Criminal Justice Department was established in 2006, as a subsidiary of the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court. The Criminal Justice Department assists in helping to keep the Commissioners Court and County Administration aware of criminal justice issues, ensures the criminal justice system functions efficiently and effectively from jail book-in through case disposition and release, and reduce recidivism. The Criminal Justice Department meets this charge by analyzing and presenting data as indicators of system successes and challenges, to inform decisions and policy making; partnering with all relevant internal and community stakeholders, to address systemic and individual issues to manage jail population; and providing assistance with training and management of resources, and coordinating with internal and community stakeholders, to meet the needs of offenders with special needs.

Value Statement

The Dallas County Criminal Justice Department is committed to innovation, integrity and a spirit of collaboration, in leading system responsiveness towards efficiency, justice, and compassion, to enhance our community.


The primary goal of the CJ Department is to manage and reduce the jail population, via the utilization of diversion programs, supervised releases, pretrial screening and coordinated efforts with other criminal justice agencies. In addition, the CJ Department also aims to help ensure sufficient planning, coordination, administrative support, and fiscal management within Dallas County special needs programs for persons involved in the criminal justice system and with community partners.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to efficiently affect public safety via jail population management, criminal justice planning and behavioral health initiatives.

As a relevant purpose-driven department, we will utilize tools and relationships to provide exceptional service to criminal justice system stakeholders & community partners, through continuous partnership and collaboration. We will be recognized and driven by integrity, collaboration, teamwork and staff creativity.