Planning and Development

Dallas County Planning and Development

Dallas County's Planning and Development Department works to increase quality of life in Dallas County by improving underserved communities, ensuring and enhancing access to nature, and partnering for economic growth. We do this through administering the County's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, and managing the County’s Open Space Preserves.

It also conducts the County's economic development and historic preservation activities, analyzes population trends and economic data, and administers the County's various planning activities.

For more information about this department, please call (214) 653-7627.

Planning Mission, Vision and Values 

Mission: Increasing quality of life in Dallas County by improving underserved communitiesensuring and enhancing access to nature, and partnering for economic growth.

 Vision: A Dallas County where every resident has safe and equitable access to housing, jobs, and nature.

 Values: Responsiveness, Stewardship, Dedication, Integrity, Collaboration, Forward-thinking