Collection of Stale Dated / Outstanding dallas county checks

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In accordance with HB 2185, passed by the 75th Texas Legislature, the County Treasurer of each County in Texas is authorized to implement Section 116.120 of the Texas Local Government Code wherein a reasonable Research Fee is established, plus any Stop Payment Fees, for research of outstanding checks.

On August 26,1997, the Dallas County Commissioners Court passed Court Order 97 1683, authorizing the implementation of this Law by Dallas County and establishing a fee of $25.00 per check, plus any Stop Payment Fees, if required, payable in advance to the County Treasurer via cashier's check.

In addition, any person attempting to recover funds from Dallas County, or any other County in Texas for an outstanding check may charge only an amount equal to 10% of the face value of the outstanding check, in accordance with the Statute.

Following a review of both State Law and the Dallas County Court Order, any vendor desiring to pursue potential collection should contact:

Dallas County Treasurer's Office
509 Main Street
303 Records Bldg.

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