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Community Supervision and Corrections (Adult Probation)

Frank Crowley Courts Building - 133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, 9th Floor, Dallas, TX 75207
Telephone: (214) 653-5300

Javed Syed, Director

Community Supervision and Corrections (Adult Probation)

The Dallas County CSCD is a professional criminal justice agency that serves the public under the authority of the criminal judiciary system.

What is probation?

The Dallas County CSCD is charged with public protection through the supervision of more than 43,780 offenders residing in Dallas County. We enforce the court ordered conditions of community supervision and provide the offender with a wide range of rehabilitative services and resources.

Community Supervision is the supervised release of a defendant within the community in lieu of incarceration in jail or prison (versus parole, which is the supervision in the community upon early release from prison).

Dallas County CSCD is staffed by more than 426 community supervision officers, supervisors, division managers, clinical staff and administrators. Support staff numbers more than 75.

The Dallas County CSCD had a projected budget for FY 2016 of approximately $42,794,375 million. Projected collections in offender supervision fees are $11.8 million. In FY 2016, the following Dallas County CSCD, Community Service Restitution (CSR) statistics were collected:

bulletNumber of Defendants that worked CSR:7,205
bulletNumber of CSR Hours Worked:275,464
bulletNumber of Defendants who paid Restitution:3,844
bulletAmount of Victim Restitution Collected:$3,031,991
bulletNumber of Canned food items collected as CSR137,740


Our administration is located at the Frank Crowley Criminal Courts Building in downtown Dallas. Specialized programs are located throughout the county.

There are 17 felony courts and 14 misdemeanor courts in the Dallas County criminal justice system where the supervision staff is responsible for carrying out duties as directed by the Judge.

There are 7 primary field supervision offices located throughout Dallas County  where supervision officers are responsible for ensuring that offenders comply with conditions of supervision.