Dallas County Sheriff

Sheriff Lupe Valdez

Sheriff ValdezSheriff Lupe Valdez is serving her third term for the citizens of Dallas County. She took the rank of the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county on January 1, 2005. Sheriff Valdez is the only Hispanic female sheriff in the United States and only one of four female sheriffs in Texas.

As sheriff, she continues to work diligently on improvements within the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. Some of the department’s accomplishments since her election include: The hiring of 400 new detention service officers and the expansion of the freeway management patrol system which covers over 78 miles of in-county highways, the construction of the South Tower Jail Facility, one of the largest direct supervision facilities in the country with the capacity to house 2,304 inmates, the current construction of a 300 bed medical facility within the Lew Sterrett Justice Center, and improvements to the quality of overall healthcare for mentally ill inmates.

Prior to her election, Sheriff Valdez had over three decades of law enforcement experience. She has experience in homeland security, anti-terrorism investigations, and has worked in the United States, Central America, as well as South America.

Sheriff Valdez is one of eight children of migrant farm workers. As a young child, she learned strong work ethics. She worked up to two jobs at a time to put herself through college, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Bethany Nazarene College, now Southern Nazarene University. She later earned a Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington.