Dallas County Sheriff

Impounded Livestock

If you are missing any of the listed animals please contact Deputy Vaughan at the Kennedy Livestock Center of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department at 214-435-8189 or 972-225-6118.

  Location Description
4/30/14 Kleberg Rd/Woody Rd Pony/Shetland/Black /Female
5/20/14 1800 Corsicana Pig black spots
5/22/14 W/B IH-20 @ Lancaster Rd..

Horse Sorrell Gelding 900 Lbs.

5/27/14 1000 Edd Rd.

Horse Sorrell Gelding 1200 Lbs.

5/27/14 407 Union Bower Sheep 3 tan white females/2 tan white males
5/28/14 Illinois and Kiest Sorrell mare gelding
6/2/14 1209 W.Simonds Rd. Donkey Blk.-Gray Female/Donkey Brn. and Gray Male
8/18/14 3314 Kyser Horses--1 app mare and 1 sorrow stud