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Representation Under the Planning Council

Since its inception, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program has mandated that planning involve a range of representative categories in order to ensure broad community input. Amendments to the legislation over time have expanded membership requirements for consumers, providers, care disciplines, and historically underserved populations. These changes are designed to reflect changes in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Each category of membership meets a specific need. Involvement of those who use Ryan White services ensures crucial input from persons closest to care delivery. Legislative provisions require that consumers be free of conflict of interest in relation to funding decisions. Other membership categories—comprising government and health professions—are intended to enhance service delivery. This includes coordination of funding streams to better address gaps in care, avoid overlaps in services, and create comprehensive service delivery systems that meet the multiple care needs of clients. All categories of membership are designed to bring together expertise in such areas as health planning, service delivery, client perspectives, and financing of care.

  • Health Care providers, including Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Community Based Organizations serving affected populations
  • Social Service providers, including housing and homeless service providers
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse providers
  • Local Public Health Agencies
  • Affected Communities, including PLWHA and historically underserved subpopulations
  • Non-elected Community Leaders
  • State Medicaid Agency
  • State Part B Agency
  • Part C
  • Part D
  • Other Federal HIV Programs, including HIV Prevention
  • Representatives of formerly incarcerated PLWHA
  • Members of a Federally recognized Indian Tribe as represented in the population
  • Individuals co-infected with Hepatitis B or C