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Planning Process

  1. Assess Needs: The council is responsible for assessing the need for services of PLWHA in the EMA. This is accomplished by:

    • Determining the number of PLWHA in the EMA and their needs
    • Determining the capacity of the service system to meet those needs through focus groups, surveys or other methods to obtain data
  2. Set Priorities and Allocate funds: Following the assessment of needs, the Council then determines what service categories to fund and how much money to allocate to those service categories. (This is the core function of the Council's Priority Setting Process.) A preliminary Allocation Plan is developed for the annual grant application, which is submitted to HRSA in the Fall of each year.
  3. Allocation Adjustment: In the Spring, when the EMA receives its actual grant award, the council adjusts the proposed spending plan based on the actual amount received.
  4. Administrative Assessment: The Coucil must also asses the efficiency of the administrative mechanism. The council considers how well the grantee and mast contractor get funds out to providers of services, and whether the grantee has faithfully implemented the Councils priorities and spending plan.

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