Dallas County Purchasing Department

Current Bid Tabulations

Records Building - 509 Main Street, 6th Floor, Room 623, Dallas, TX 75202
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Bid Tabulations
Bid Number Description



A/C  for Printing and Production of Election Ballots and Conversion of Audio Ballot Voice Files
2015-002-6454 A/C for Purchase of Voter Registration Card Printing and Related Services



A/C for HVAC Systems Chemical Water Treatment and Consulting Services



A/C for Purchase of Sanitary Paper, Trash Bags, and Related Products
2015-005-6457 RFP for Desktop Technical Support Services for Dallas County



A/C for Paint and Related Products
2105-007-6459 SOQ for Architecturla/Engineering Services
2015-008-6461 Contract to Purchase and Instlal Office Furniture for Letot Girls Residential Treatment Center
2015-009-6463 RFP for HIV Health and Social Services to be funded by the FY2015 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act
2015-010-6464 Demo & Recon of a New Single Family Home - 11320 Harvest, Balch Springs, TX 75180
2015-011-6465 Contract for the Purchase of 2015 Passenger Vehicles, Vans and Pickups
2015-012-6466 RFP for Substance Abuse Treatment Services
2015-013-6467 RFP for Integrated Mosquito Management for Chikungunya Vectors - DCHHS
2015-014-6468 RFP for Non-Residential Sex Offender Treatment Services for Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department



A/C for Purchase of Inmate Clothing



A/C for Linen and Textiles
2015-017-6471 A/C for Purchase of Vaccines
2015-018-6472 RFQ/RFP for Design/Build Services for Automotive Repair and Maintenance Service Center
2015-019-6473 A/C for Stock or Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination Test, Scoring and Analusis Services
2015-020-6474 A/C for Kitchen Related Items and Supplies



Contract for Purchase, Installation, Training and Maintenance for Microfilm Scanning Equipment
2015-022-6476 Demo & Recon of a New Single Family Home - 11336 Iris, Balch Springs, TX 75180
2015-023-6477 Demo & Recon of a New Single Family Home - 12024 Hayes, Balch Springs, TX 75180
2015-024-6478 RFP for Dallas County's Justice of the Peace Court Case Management System



A/C for Elections Printing and Related Supplies
2015-026-6480 A/C for Moving Services - Packaging, Installation (Disassemble / Reassemble) Office Goods/Furniture
2015-027-6481 A/C for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste / Refuse Collection and Disposal Services
2015-028-6482 A/C for Keys and Locks
2015-029-6483 RFP for Emergency Disaster Debris Removal, Reduction, Disposal, and Other Debris Related Services Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM)
2015-030-6484 Contract for a Web-Based Asset and Property Inventory Control Tracking System
2015-031-6485 A/C for Various Types of Insurance Coverage
2015-032-6486 RFP for Restoration, Preservation and Repair Services of Historical Record Books and Other Records for the Dallas County Clerk's Office
2015-033-6487 A/C for the Purchase of Probabilistic Genotyping Software for Rorensic DNA Analysis
2015-034-6488 A/C for Road and Highway Building Materials
2015-035-6489 RFP for Elections Electronic Poll Book
2015-036-6490 A/C for Courier and Delivery Service
2015-037-6491 Contract for Refrigeration System Upgrades for the Dallas County Cook Chill Facility
2015-038-6492 A/C for Compact Fluorescent and Linear Fluorescent Lamps
2015-039-6493 A/C for Short and Long Term Lease of Undercover Vehicles
2015-040-6494 A/C for an Enterprise Wide Preventive Maintenance Agreement and Service Repair for Scanners
2015-041-6495 A/C for Sign Language Interpretation and Related Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
2015-042-6496 Contract for the Purchase of Refrigerated Trailers
2015-043-6497 A/C for Personal Hygiene Products
2015-044-6499 A/C for Dairy Products and Related Supplies
2015-045-6498 RFQ for Financial Audits of Dallas County, Juvenile Board, and Community Supervision and Corrections Department
2015-046-6500 A/C for the Purchase of Heavy Duty Twill Sheets and Mattress Covers
2015-047-6501 A/C for the Purchase of Inmate Armbands
2015-048-6502 A/C to Provide Ford and Chevrolet OEM Parts and Repair Services
2015-049-6503 RFP for Application for Dallas County Bank Depository Services
2015-050-6504 Contract for Replacement of Valves at George Allen Courts Building
2015-051-6505 A/C for DNA Testing and Services
2015-052-6506 A/C for Dishwashing Liquid and System
2015-053-6507 Revenue Generating A/C for Recycling Services for Various Types of Recyclable materials and Commodities
2015-055-6509 RFP for Audit Management Solution
2015-056-6510 A/C for Vanishpoint Syringes