Dallas County Purchasing Department

2013 Current Bid Tabulations

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Bid Tabulations
Bid Number Description
2013-001-6140 A/C for Purchase of Paper for Office Use  --CANCELLED
2013-002-6150 Contract for Purchase and Installation of Commercial Flight Type Rackless Conveyor Dishwasher
2013-003-6169 A/C for Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Assessment and Consultant Services
2013-004-6182 A/C for Purchase of Laboratory Supplies
2013-005-6183 Contract for Design and Manufacture of a Mobile Election Supply Carrier
2013-006-6185 Demo and Recon - 11231 Eastham, Balch Springs, TX (Santoyo)
2013-007-6188 A/C for the Purchase of Mattresses
2013-008-6189 Pleasant Valley Road - MCIP 22009 - from FireWheel Pkwy. to Richfield Dr.
2013-009-6198 RFP for Mainframe Hosting Solution for Dallas County -- N/A
2013-010-6201 A/C for Food Service Products
2013-011-6199 A/C for Purchase of Paper for Office Use
2013-012-6206 Merritt Road - MCIP Project 22805 - from Garland/Rowlett City Limits
2013-013-6215 Demo and Recon - 2621 Crystal, Balch Springs, TX (Castaneda)
2013-014-6216 Demo and Recon - 2232 Crystal, Balch Springs, Tx (Hudson)
2013-015-6217 Demo and Recon - 2821 Crystal, Balch Springs, Tx (Wharton)
2013-016-6224 RFP for Substance Abuse Treatment Services for the Dallas County DWI -- N/A
2013-017-6225 A/C for the Purchase of Indigent Hygiene Packets and Related Items
2013-018-6232 MCIP Project 30227 - from Bonnieview Road to Langdon Road to Wintergreen Road - City of Dallas
2013-019-6243 RFP for Real Estate Broker Services -- N/A
2013-020-6244 RFQ for the Preparation of an Availability and Disparity Study for Dallas County, Texas -- N/A
2013-021-6249 A/C for Plumbing Material and Related Products
2013-022-6251 Contract for the Purchase of a New and/or Used Mobile Command Center Vehicle -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2013-023-6254 A/C for Food Service Utensils and Related Supplies
2013-024-6255 A/C for Vanishpoint Syringes
2013-025-6257 A/C for the Installation of Carpet, Tile and Various Floor Covering Services
2013-026-6262 RFP for the FY2012 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) -- N/A
2013-027-6263 Demo and Recon - 315 Anderson, Wilmer, TX (Morales)
2013-028-6264 Demo and Recon - 305 Adams, Wilmer, TX (Saenz)
2013-029-6268 A/C for Asbestos, Lead and Mold Abatement and Remediation Services
2013-030-6282 Contract for the Purchase of 2013 Passenger Vehicles and Trucks
2013-031-6284 A/C for Testing, Inspection and Repair of Fixed Halon and Hood Systems -- CANCELED
2013-032-6285 A/C for the Purchase and Printing of Envelopes
2013-033-6289 RFP for Third Party Administration and Related Services for Dallas County Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Program -- N/A
2013-034-6302 A/C for Offset Printing and Copy Services
2013-035-6303 RFP for Drug Testing Services for Divert Court -- N/A
2013-036-6310 Contract for Repairs to Dallas County Parking Garage "D"
2013-037-6314 A/C for Workers Compensation Insurance for the Sheriff's Courtesy Patrol Division
2013-038-6316 A/C for Automobile Liability and Physical Damage Insurance Coverage for the Health and Human Services Department
2013-039-6320 A/C for All Risk Buildings and Contents Property Insurance Coverage for Dallas County -- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2013-040-6321 A/C for Transport of Elections Equipment, Machines and Related Items
2013-041-6322 A/C for the Purchase and Installation of a Commercial Flight Type Rackless Conveyor Dishwasher
2013-042-6323 Demo and Recon - 108 Chapman, Hutchins, TX (King)
2013-043-6324 Demo and Recon - 206 Garlock, Wilmer, TX (Hall)
2013-044-6325 Demo and Recon - 3025 Crystal, Balch Springs, TX (Payne) --CANCELED
2013-045-6336 Brookhaven Trail Connection MCIP Project 17701
2013-046-6339 A/C for the Purchase and Installation of a Tray Sealing/Packaging Machine
2013-047-6340 A/C for Paint and Related Products
2013-048-6344 A/C for Hair Care, Skin Care and Personal Hygiene Related Products
2013-049-6345 A/C for Apparel, Hoisery and Undergarments
2013-050-6352 RFP for Aerial Spraying (DCHHS) -- N/A
2013-051-6353 A/C for Right of Way Mowing Services
2013-052-6357 A/C for the Purchase of Tires and Tubes
2013-053-6361 A/C for Janitorial Services for the Downtown Campus of Buildings
2013-054-6368 A/C for Landscaping Services -- CANCELED
2013-055-6369 A/C for the Purchase and Installation of a Glass Refractive Index Measurement System
2013-056-6372 Demo and Recon - 3025 Crystal, Balch Springs, TX(Payne)
2013-057-6373 Demo and Recon - 2212 Crystal, Balch Springs, TX (Jenkins)
2013-058-6374 Demo and Recon - 517 S Cockrell Hill Rd., Cockrell Hill, TX (Elliott)
2013-059-6375 Demo and Recon - 4128 Kernack, Cockrell Hill, TX (Nunez)
2013-060-6376 Demo and Recon - 4113 Woodbury, Balch Springs, TX (Pineda)
2013-061-6377 A/C for the Purchase of Vaccine Ixairo, Japanese Encephalitis -- CANCELED
2013-062-6379 A/C for the Purchase of Janitorial Supplies
2013-063-6380 LaPrada Drive MCIP 20210B
2013-064-6382 Contract for the Removal, Replacement and Installation of New Concrete Parking Lot, Stem Walls, Sidewalks, Walkways, Curbs, Gutters, and Related Repair Services