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Lone Star Connection
Cities of Irving and Grand Prairie

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The Lone Star Connection is not only one of the area's newest trails, but

it also demonstrates how trails can be used to connect communities.

Funded by Dallas County, the 2.4-mile trail connects two other trails in

Grand Prairie and Irving to create a continuous 9.6-mile trail. 

Trail patrons can use the trail to reach Lone Star Park, Verizon Theatre,

QuikTrip Park, the County's Mountain Creek/Trinity River Preserve,

and numerous neighborhoods. 

A unique series of woodcarvings greet runners, walkers, and cyclists

along the trail.  Formal parking areas also exist in the Lone Star Park/

Verizon Theatre area, Mountain Creek Preserve, and at Story Road/

Hunter Ferrell Road.  

trail photo squirell wood carving wall