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What was originally a 2.5-mile neighborhood trail has been expanded to a length of 3.7 miles and now extends from Arapaho to Beltline Road with all of its restaurants, past the original neighborhood south of Beltline, to the newer, stylishly-designed Vitruvian Park mixed-use development. 

Funding for the trail's various phases has been provided by the Town of Addison, the County, and the Vitruvian Park developer.  A connection to the new Brookhaven Trail in Farmers Branch adds yet another major destination to the trail (Brookhaven College) and creates a continuous 4.6-mile trail corridor.

Because of its width, the original portion of the trail (from about Beltway Drive to Brookwood is better suited to walkers and runners.  The newer portions to Arapaho, through Vitruvian Park, and to Brookhaven College are wider and more favorable for cyclists.

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