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Historic Preservation
Planning and Development

Planning and Development provides staff assistance to the Dallas County Historical Com-mission.  This committee, which consists of fifteen individuals appointed by the Commissioner Court, serves as the County's primary advisory body on historic preservation matters.  The Historical Commission is responsible for providing the first level of review for all State historical marker requests, and it conducts two-to-three special projects per yer.

In 2013, the Historical Commission adopted the following  mission statement to help guide it in its work:

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The mission of the Dallas County Historical Commission is to protect, preserve, and promote the historic resources of Dallas County for the education, enjoyment, and economic benefit of the residents of Dallas County.

To accomplish this mission, the Historical Commission will:

  • Assist residents with the historical marker application process;
  • Advise the County Commissioners Court on historical matters; and
  • Make the history of Dallas County accessible to residents through such activities as the regular publication of a newsletter and the expansion of a smart-phone tour of State historical markers within Dallas County.

With the exception of a summer break in July, the County's Historical Commission meets on the second Thursday of every month at noon.

For more information about the Historical Commission, please call (214) 653-7601.