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Research & Statistics

The Research and Statistics Unit gathers and implements the juvenile justice research and policy agenda in the Juvenile Department. This includes research and evaluation of residential placements, non-residential programs, reform initiatives, and juvenile justice processes. We represent and communicate research and evaluation findings to the juvenile court, research communities, and numerous stakeholders.

In addition, we develop, implement, and maintain essential data collection, and reporting systems to support the research and evaluation agenda.

The Department coordinates with state agencies, County departments, contractors, and other entities to ensure the continued operations of all databases. We work in collaboration with the Juvenile Department staff to ensure the accuracy of data used for research projects and reporting, we provide technical assistance to other departmental staff engaged in outcome evaluations, and quality assurance activities.

The research unit also develops and implements performance measures used in the evaluation of programs as required by federal and state grants and other funding sources.

The Department coordinates external requests for data and ensures that such requests are consistent with the department’s research agenda and overall goals.