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Assessment and Evaluations

This service provides relevant, meaningful information about the youth’s psychological, emotional and psycho-social functioning to assist the Courts, Case Planning & Review Committee, Probation Officers and other professionals in making dispositional plans and decisions. The Division is committed to completing a psychological screen, assessment, or evaluation on all youth detained more than 24-hours. On average, an initial assessment is completed prior to the youth’s initial or 10-day hearing. Types of assessments include:

  • Psychological Screening – A diagnostic interview and mental status examination to determine whether significant psychological, emotional and/or psycho-social issues exist that place the child, their family or the community at risk.
  • Abbreviated Psychological Assessment – A diagnostic interview, mental status examination, intelligence/achievement test and diagnosis of a youth’s current adjustment and functioning levels. Specialty assessments involving sex offenders include additional sections to evaluate specific treatment needs.
  • Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation – Comprehensive intelligence, achievement, personality and projective tests administered to address referral questions and make recommendations for treatment and intervention.
  • Certification Evaluations – A Court-Ordered psychological evaluation, in response to a Discretionary Transfer Motion, used to determine levels of mental illness/mental retardation and establish the youth’s functioning level of maturity, sophistication and capacity to assist in their own defense.
  • Competency Evaluations – A standardized evaluation determining the youth’s fitness to proceed to trial as a result of mental retardation and/or mental illness.
  • Psychiatric Evaluations – Initial and follow-up consultations to rule out mental illness and/or evaluate and determine the need for treatment with medication.