Step 14.
Create a Family Identification File

No one likes to dwell upon the sadness and emotional pain caused by a missing family member. However, that pain may be mitigated by preparing for such a situation. Prepare an individual head and shoulders photograph of each family member. Make a 5” x 7” print and affix a label on the back with the date photo was taken, the person’s name, family contact information, age, height, weight, and any distinguishing marks or physical features. You may also want to record blood type and special medical conditions. Store the photos along with other important papers in a plastic waterproof document bag and place in a fireproof safe.

Click Here for a pdf document you can print.

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Recovery tip: Store fingerprints of each family member. This needs to be done professionally. Contact your area police or sheriff’s department to schedule a time for your family to go in. There may be a nominal fee.