Step 12.
Collect and Store Emergency Supplies

Start with the basics. Plan for a minimum of 3 days without power sheltering at home. Use the two-page Master Supplies List found below and get started the next time you go to the store. Make it a habit to pick up “extras” each time you go. Once you start your collection, every member of the family can help with “assigned products” on the list. Make it fun, make it important!

Your Master Supplies List should include the following:

  1. Sufficient quantity of non-perishable food and water
  2. Essential kitchen items
  3. Extra clothing
  4. Personal care & sanitation items
  5. Pet supplies including food and water
  6. Emergency equipment related to survival & well being: first aid items, tools, radio, flashlight, batteries, cell phone, manual can opener, cash, board games, puzzles, etc.

You might also consider preparing a "Go Kit" that you can grab-and-go:

  1. Food & water
  2. Stored copies of personal I.D.s, passports & other documents
  3. Extra keys, cash, maps, etc.
  4. Stored clothing & miscellaneous items for every family member
  5. Stored personal care items
  6. Stored first aid supplies and prescriptions

Click Here for a pdf document you can print. (English)
Click Here for a pdf document you can print. (Español)