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Facilities ManagEment Divisions

Contract Compliance Inspectors

George Allen Sr., Courts Building - 600 Commerce Street, 9th Floor, Dallas, Texas 75202
Phone: (214) 653-6776 • Fax: (214) 653-6822

Facilities Management has Contract Compliance Inspectors. They manage the day to day operations for janitorial services, pest control services, window cleaning services, and carpet cleaning services. They manage 1.6 million square feet of janitorial office space (54 buildings) and 6.7 million square feet for pest control. These inspectors also look for minor maintenance repairs in each building. They manage 9 contracts and work closely with several vendors. As part of our Strategic Plan Goal 3: Excellence in Customer Service, we are also customer care specialist. So, if you see them around, do not hesitate to ask them for assistance.

Pictured: Wendy Aviles, Contract Compliance Inspector