Dallas County District Clerk Felicia Pitre
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Records Information
600 Commerce Street. Suite 103 Dallas, Texas 75202 • Telephone 214.653.7307
Civil/Family Court Records
How do I search for a divorce, family, or civil court case record?
Option 1: Online Documents and Record Searches
Public Access to Court Records and Documents
Includes Civil, Family and Probate Case information
Option 2: Call the District Clerk Records Department
District Clerk Civil and Family Records Section: (214) 653-6076
How do I obtain copies of records that are not available online?
Requests for documents may be made in person, writing,
or via e-mail to the addresses below:


District Clerk's Office
Attn: Civil/Family Records
600 Commerce Street, Suite 830
Dallas, TX 75202
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Civil/Family Request Form
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Divorce Request Form
What information is required to write or email my request?
Option 1: Using the above "FORMS" link, fill-out and return the appropriate form via mail or email attachment.

Option 2: Provide as much detail as possible, to include:
  1. What documents are requested?
  2. Certified or Non-Certified?
  3. Plaintiff and Defendant names?
  4. What type of case? (divorce, paternity, civil)
  5. Your current physical mailing address.
How long does this process take?
This processing time will vary depending on the type of request submitted.
What are the Fees for a copy?
Upon completion of your request, an invoice will be sent to you advising the total cost. Please review payment chart below.
All copies per page
(Certified or non-certified)
(Certified copies must include the entire document with all attachments)
Record search
(Per Name and Date of Birth)
Manual searches
(Per Name and Date of Birth)
Exemplified copies per page $1.00
Exemplification per document $5.00


Where do I mail my request?

For District Civil, Family, and Tax Courts requests should be mailed to:

Felicia Pitre, District Clerk
Attention: Civil/Family Records
600 Commerce Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

Can I pay for these records with a credit card?

For Civil, Family, Tax courts requests  we accept Credit (Visa or Mastercard), Cash, Check or Money Orders. 
For Criminal Records searcheswe only accept Cash, Check or Money Orders.
We accept personal checks (in-state only), cashier's checks, business checks, and money orders.
We do not accept credit cards for mail orders.
All payments must be in the exact amount.