Dallas County District Clerk Felicia Pitre
Criminal Information
133 N. Riverfront Blvd., 2nd Floor, Dallas, Texas 75207 • Telephone 214.712.3088

How do I determine if someone is in jail?

Click here Dallas County Jail Lookup.

How do I obtain a criminal background check?

Contact the District Clerk Records department @ 214-653-5969 to obtain information regarding a background check.

How do I obtain copies of a criminal felony case?

Request for documents may be made in person, written, fax, or email. For Criminal records send your fax to 214-653-5986, or email DCRecordscriminal@dallascounty.org

Felicia Pitre, District Clerk – Attn: Certified Copy
133 N. Riverfront Blvd, LB 12
Dallas, Texas 75207

How do I file for an Expunction or Non-Disclosure?

File your completed petition for expunction with the Criminal Division of the District Clerk’s office. You may file your petition in person or by mail. For your convenience, expunction forms are available on our website under the District Clerk Downloadable Forms link. The filing fee for Expunction is $292.00 and is due upon the time of filing. The filing fee for a Non-Disclosure is $320.00. You will be notified of all settings or hearings so be sure that you provide your contact information.s

How do I get back the money I paid for a cash bond in a felony case?

Once the case is disposed, the surety may submit a copy of the cash bond receipt to the District Clerk’s Office, 2nd floor, Frank Crowley Courts Bldg. This may be done in person or by mail and is approximately a two week process. For further instructions, please contact the cash bond refund desk during regular business hours at 214-653-5962.

All questions relating to paying Felony court costs and fines can be answered at 214-712-3088.

Methods of payment:
Cash, check or money order [payable to Felicia Pitre, District Clerk, Western Union, and major credit cards.

To pay by credit card:
www.dallascounty.org, click here.