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The Stabilize Engage Transition, or SET program, targets those non-violent offenders who suffer from mental illness. This program will seek to stabilize these individuals by providing them with access to mental and physical health treatment, among other resources. While in SET, participants will obtain a proper diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring to ensure that they are following their treatment plan. Further, these offenders will have the opportunity to positively engage with their community through community service and life skills education. SET participants will be able to carefully transition back into our community as properly medicated, functioning, crime-free members of society. After graduating from SET, the participant’s case will be dismissed and immediately expunged to give them the best chance at becoming a contributing Dallas County citizen.


To be eligible for SET, a defendant must have a pending felony case, and meet the following requirements:

  • No aggravated offenses pending or in their criminal history
  • No Sex Offender-status
  • No Family Violence, Child Abuse, or Arson charges pending or in their criminal history

Entry Process

Once a case has been filed at our office, the defendant’s attorney may refer their client to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Mental Health Unit by completing a referral form located within the Mental Health Unit on the 6th floor of the Frank Crowley Courts Building. Once the defendant has been accepted into the Mental Health Unit, they will then be automatically evaluated for the SET program. Should an offender be approved for SET, their attorney will be contacted and provided further instructions for participation. The decision to deny an individual for participation in SET depends upon many factors, including the eligibility requirements listed above, and cannot be appealed.