The Probate Courts Forms

Double click to view or download the following forms used by all the Dallas County Probate Courts.

Affidavit of Inability to Pay
Affidavit of No Debts
Agreement Concerning Deposits
Amendment/Supplement to Pleadings in Open Court
Appointment of Resident Agent
Civil Case Information Sheet
Court Created Independent Administration Guidelines
Descent and Distribution Chart
Due Process Cover Sheet
Receipt and Waiver of Notice
Small Estate Affidavit

Court Specific Forms:

The Probate Court:

Probate Court No. 2

Probate Court No. 3

Bond Specifications for Probate Court No. 3
For Guardianship forms, please click here.

Download and save the PDFs to your machine before fillng them out and submitting with Adobe Reader. Most in browser PDF readers will not submit correctly.