Guidelines for Court Approval of Attorney Fee Petitions may be found in any of the Probate Court offices. Please contact court staff for questions and a copy of the detailed policy.

Years Practicing Probate and Guardianship LawCourt-Approved Rate
0 – 2 yearsUp to $125 per hour
3 – 5 years$125 - $150 per hour
6 – 10 years $150 - $200 per hour
11+ years $200 - $350 per hour

The Dallas County Probate Courts have strict rules governing dual compensation where the attorney is also the fiduciary. Please refer to the detailed policy for exact guidelines. The Courts recognize that many attorneys rely on paralegals and legal assistants for gathering information and reviewing and preparing documents. A Court will reimburse an attorney for paralegal/legal assistant work at a rate between $45 and $115 depending on multiple factors.