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Procedures for Assumed Names

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Procedures For Assumed Names
Certificate of Ownership for Unincorporated Business or Profession
Assumed Name Certificate for an Incorporated Business or Profession
Withdrawal Notice Of An Assumed Name

To file or record a business name (Assumed Name, Doing Business As) with the Dallas County Clerks office, you must come into the County Clerks office. The owner must be present and have with them valid government issued ID.; complete the form and have it acknowledged by a deputy.

General Steps to Follow:

  • Decide on the name of your business.
  • Search the County Assumed Names records for the availability of the name of the business at
  • It is always best to search all variations of the business name.

Example: the name Dandz should be searched d and z, dandz, z&z, d&z.

WALK IN - Complete form; all owners must be present with valid government issued ID in order to have the form recorded.

MAIL IN - Submit a written request for the Assumed Name form along with a self addressed stamped envelope. Please indicate if you need the Incorporated or the unincorporated form.

Have form notarized and mail to:

John F. Warren, County Clerk
Attention: Assumed Name Department
Records Building, 2nd Floor
509 Main Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

The filing fee is $24.00 and .50 for each additional partner (owner) after the first.

Add a $2.00 Acknowledgement fee if the deputy takes the acknowledgment instead of a notary.

For additional information go to the Assumed Name FAQ