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Members are appointed as either a Joint representative, or as a representative of a particular member of the Commissioners Court.

J = Joint, CJ = County Judge, 1 = District 1, 2 = District 2, 3 = District 3, 4 = District 4

Citizens Election Advisory Committee Current Members
This Advisory committee was created on July 10, 1989, and assists in the determination of election policy in the future and evaluates the performance of the Dallas County election system in major elections. J - Vacancy
J - Leland de la Garza
J - D. Joseph Meister
CJ - Daniel Clayton
CJ - Theresa Daniel
1 - Pat Cotton
1 - Nancy Moffett
2 - Deborah Brown
2 -
3 - Gladys Hodge
3 - Jane Hamilton
4 - Majorie Ford
4 - Midge Douglas
Child Welfare Board Current Members
This Board was created on March 1, 1977, and is charged to work with the local Child Protective Services office to help provide coordinated state and local public welfare services for children and their families and coordinated use of federal, state and local funds for these services. J - Elaine Cook
J - Becky Miller
CJ - Harriet Miller
1 - Lynne McLean
2 - Shelton Stogner
3 - Jessica Weaver
4 - Delores Bates
Dallas Metrocare Services Board Current Members
This body was initially created as an MHMR Planning Commission and has evolved into a nine member board who administers a countywide, comprehensive program of mental health and mental retardation services. J - Julia Noble
J - Willam Craig Jeffery
J - Carol North
J - Charles Cooper
CJ - Fred Orr
1 - Sue Ringle
2 - Greg Allbright
3 - Verlean Brooks
4 - Elsa Rodriguez
This committee was created in 2006 and its general function is to assist the County’s Office of Security and Emergency Management in the areas of fulfilling the county’s duties and responsibilities described in the Government Code (the Texas Disaster Act of 1975); formulating strategies and recommendations to affect our integrated emergency preparedness planning, and develop and establish critical emergency preparedness priorities for expansion and enhancement of the program. Thirteen members include two Commissioners Court members, the Sheriff, six department heads, and four citizens:
Tommy Hines
Dan Lewis
Gary. B. Smith
Richard Rozier
Historical Commission Current Members
Texas State Law stipulates that all Texas counties have a historical commission. This Commission was created and coordinates county surveys of historic resources and approves applications for official Texas Historical Markers in Dallas County. Other areas of involvement are working with county government in the preservation and restoration of historic county buildings, and recording the county’s history through publications and oral history interviews. CJ – Charles Powers
CJ – Michael Lowenberg
CJ – Ann Cox Rowland
1 – Ann Spillman
1 – Dr. Phillip Williams
1 – Bill Burford
2 – Don Baynham
2 – Nelda Gentsch
2 – Robert Reagan
3 – Eric Johnson
3 – Clare Chaney
3 – Linda Zander
4 – Charles Brown
4 – Wheelice Pete Wilson
4 – Laurie Johnson
Historical Foundation Current Members
The Foundation was incorporated in 1982 as a non-profit and its purpose is to establish, support, maintain, manage and operate The Sixth Floor Museum. CJ – Jill Johnson
1 – Sandy Greyson
2 – William Bill Rea
3 – Fritz Woods
4 – Justin Rosales
Hospital District Board of Managers (Parkland Hospital) Current Members
Dallas County created a hospital district as permitted by statute and by a provision of the State Constitution. The Board is charged with the responsibility of providing hospital and medical services to the indigent residents of Dallas County. J – Louis Beecherl III
J – Allen Shulkin
CJ – Wendy Lopez
1 – Cobie Russell
2 – Alan Walne
3 – Lauren McDonald
4 – Dalton Lott
Local Workforce Development Board Current Members
Texas Legislature passed a bill in 1995 that established the Texas Workforce Commission. Our local development board was established in 1996 and given the name “WorkSource for Dallas County”. The general function is to serve the business and broader communities by providing job training and education services; encourage school completion or enrollment in supplementary or alternative school programs, provide eligible youth with exposure to the work experience and enhance citizenship skills. There are 25 members, 8 of which are appointed by the County Judge, and 17 by the Dallas Mayor.
North Central Texas health Facilities Development Corporation Board of Directors Current Members
In September of 1981, the Commissioners appointed individuals to oversee a Health Facilities Development Corporation who has broad powers to develop and administer the Corporation, such as facilitating the development of primary health care equipment and property in order to improve the general quality of care available to our citizens. The Commissioners Court retains ultimate authority with respect to appointments and final approval of all action the Board may recommend. CJ – Scott Chase
1 – Mark Shank
2 – Dr. Thomas Reed
3 – Martin Burrell
4 – Greg Giessner
Nort Texas Behavioral Health Authority Current Members
In 1993, the Texas Legislature initiated Medicaid managed care in our regional area that includes seven counties with regard to mental health services. To ensure that local communities are given an opportunity to provide input into the delivery of services, this local behavioral health authority was created. J – Richard Scott
J – Zachary Thompson
J – Ron Stretcher
J – Ryan Brown
Old Red Courthouse, Inc. Board of Trustees Current Members
In March of 1994, the Court approved the creation of a citizen task force to perform a comprehensive review of all proposed uses of the Old Red Courthouse. The Court subsequently appointed seven citizens to serve on this oversight board which consists of individuals appointed by the Court, Friends of Old Red, Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and the Central Dallas Association. J – Raymond Basye Jr.
J – Boone Powell Jr.
J – James Erwin
J – Charles C. Tandy
Public Health Advisory Committee Current Members
A Dallas County Board of Health created in 1989 was combined with the local Public Health Authority in 1991, which consisted of representatives of each municipal health department. This comprehensive membership reviews community needs in the areas of environmental health, health education and communicable diseases which have impact upon the overall health of the community. 1 – Tina Peyton
2 – Jerry Hickman
3 – Karin Petties
4 – Raquel Brown
The five Commissioners Court members serve on this Committee as well, in addition to representatives from the twenty-two municipal health departments and other agencies
Trail and Preserve Program Board Current Members
This Board was created in 1981 and its function is to recommend, promote and facilitate the acquisition of land to serve the open space needs of the people of Dallas County as described in the “Dallas County Open Space Plan.” J – Tracy Pounders
CJ – Nancy Latner
CJ – Welton Haynes
1 – Edith Tyloch
1 – Ann Lamb
2 – Duddly Hargrove
2 – Janice McCorkel
3 – Benjamin R. Pena
3 – Paul Dyer
4 – Dana Dempsey
4 – Johnny Wallace
Welfare Advisory Board Current Members
Dallas County created this advisory board in 1959 to provide input into the operation of the county tax funded public assistance program. Emphasis is on the presentation and monitoring of the annual public assistance budget. CJ – Ted Harris
1 – Judy Myers
2 – Rev. John Fleming
3 – Gwen Hurd
4 – Edna Pemberton
Ruthe Jackson Keep Dallas County Beautiful Current Members
This committee was created on August 5, 1997, and is advisory in nature. The committee coordinates the related beautification activities that Dallas County already conducts with those conducted by other entities and to help increase the public’s awareness of these activities, i.e.: preserve the country’s and county’s natural beauty and environment through public education, litter reduction, and sold waste collection programs that are conducted by volunteers, businesses and the public sector. CJ – Scherry Johnson
1 – Steve Mitchell
2 – Hope King
3 – Nelda Ridge
4 – Claudia Zakutney

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