Dallas County Commissioners Court

Lobbyist Registration

All lobbyists, prior to engaging in any lobbying activity with the Commissioners Court and to the extent permitted by State law, are strongly encourage to file a Lobbyist Registration Form with the County Administrator.

Individuals and parties being asked to register as a lobbyist with Dallas County include any individual, corporation, firm, association, or group that receives compensation in an amount of at least $200 per calendar quarter that is paid, received, or reimbursed in the past, present, or future in return for or in connection with providing lobbying services or makes an expenditure, excluding one's own travel, food, or lodging expenses in an amount of at least $200 per calendar quarter in association with the provision of lobbying services.  Unpaid volunteers, individuals representing only themselves, media representatives on matters of general public interest, and governmental entities wishing to discuss matters related to their own governmental interest are not being asked to register as lobbyists.

Each time that a lobbyist either represents a different client or becomes involved with a different County issue, the lobbyist should update and submit a new Form to the County Administrator at the following address:

411 Elm Street
2nd floor
Dallas, TX  75202

Questions about this Form can be directed to the County's Director of Planning & Development at (214) 653-7601.

Lobbyist Registration Form