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Online Records Search Disclaimer


Litigants and their attorneys are prohibited from including personal or sensitive information in the text of the pleadings they file in the Family district courts. However, the district clerk is not permitted to refuse pleadings that contain such information when they are filed. As a consequence, many records kept in connection with cases in the Family district courts contain information of a private and sensitive nature. Because of the growing public concern over identity theft and the use of sensitive data for criminal purposes, the District Clerk has opted to move her corpus of Family court case records to the iDocket.com web portal. iDocket.com has the ability to redact sensitive information from the records electronically providing an extra layer of protection for Dallas County litigants. Un-redacted copies of Family court records may be obtained at the District Clerk’s Records Department:

George Allen Courts Building
600 Commerce Street
Basement - West
Dallas, TX 75202

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