The Dallas County Public Defender’s Office provides cost effective, quality legal representation to indigent defendants who cannot afford to hire their own attorney. This office is committed to providing competent legal representation to every client and ensures that the attorney-client relationship is established within the time frame required by the Fair Defense Act.

As a centralized defense service, this office has created an infrastructure and procedural routine suitable for processing a large volume of cases in an efficient manner. Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments that were not answered through the use of this website, nor can you reach the assigned attorney in the case, please contact the appropriate supervisor. When leaving a message, please speak clearly and slowly at the tone, providing your name, the name of the client, identifying information regarding the client (i.e., date of birth, race, sex, case number or book-in number), a brief message and a working telephone number with voicemail. Multiple messages will only further delay a timely response to your call.

Only publicly accessible information can be released without a waiver from the client.

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