Dallas County Unites for Mental Health: A Closer Look

Dallas County Unites for Mental Health: A Closer Look

In a recent gathering at Dallas County Health and Human Services, something special happened. Mental Health Response Teams from all over Dallas County, the folks we hope to see during tough mental health times, came together. It was like a big meet and greet, but with a serious purpose.

The teams, from places like Dallas, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, Balch Springs and more, shared their stories. They talked about the tough stuff they deal with every day, like helping people who are thinking about suicide or those who don’t have a place to call home. For these men and women, success isn’t just about resolving crises; it’s about knowing that somebody reached out to them instead of dialing 911, but they didn’t hide the fact that their job can feel like a big uphill battle, with small victories amidst a lot of challenges. One thing everyone agreed on is that working together is key. Garland’s team stressed this, saying they can’t do their best work alone.

For the first time, many in attendance were learning of Parkland Biotel. They’re like the traffic controllers for emergency calls, making sure the right help gets to the right place. They’re aiming to lessen the number of times people with mental health struggles need to call 911. They contract with various cities in Dallas County and deploy a social worker and a paramedic to respond to mental health calls in the field.

The teams shared the tough parts of their jobs as well. They spoke of not having enough money, not having enough space, and not having resources after hours when they’re needed most. Many clients they deal with face complex challenges that take years if not a lifetime of support. These challenges won’t go away on their own.

That’s where Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot steps in. He’s put serious money where his mouth is. Through forfeiture funds, he has seen to it that $250,000 has been donated to the Dallas RIGHT Care Program. Another $200,000 was given to the Northwestern Cities of Carrollton, Addison, Farmers Branch and Coppell for Needs Assessments, and an extra $100,000 was put toward supporting the Dallas County Deflection Center in Oak Cliff.

This meeting was more than just a get-together. It showed that when everyone works together, big changes can happen. By talking openly, sharing problems, and offering support, Dallas County is showing its commitment to helping people with mental health issues. This isn’t just a step forward — it’s a big leap toward making sure everyone in Dallas County gets the help they need.

List of Dallas County Mental Health Response Teams

Regional CARE Team

· Serving the cities of Cedar Hill, Duncanville and DeSoto

Community Resource and Crisis Assistance Program

· Serving Rowlett

Southeast Alliance Community Care Team

· Serving Bach Springs, Mesquite, Seagoville, Sunnyvale


· Serving various cities within Dallas County

Garland Behavioral Health & Resources Unit

· Serving Garland

Grand Prairie Crisis Support Unit

· Serving Grand Prairie

Irving PD Crisis Response Unit

· Serving Irving

Lancaster Mobile Assessment Response Team

· Serving Lancaster

DART Cares

· Serving Dallas County


· Serving City of Dallas


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