The Justice Journal: Vol. 47 (English)

The Justice Journal: Vol. 47

A look at cases recently prosecuted by the Dallas County Criminal District Attorney's Office.

The Justice Journal

State vs. Steven Mitchell

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Lead: Alicia Patterson

2nd Chair: Amanda Boylan

DA Investigators: Victor Vasquez & Rusty Taylor

Investigating Agency: Dallas Police Department

The defendant shot the victim, a childhood friend, during a dispute over utility bills. The bullet grazed the top of the victim’s head causing a laceration.

During the punishment phase, the jury learned that the defendant had completed probation for two aggravated assaults, assaulting a police officer, and evading arrest less than a year before he shot this victim. The State also presented evidence that the defendant filed false liens against his now-deceased mother’s property, forged his mother’s signature on house deeds, and wrote multiple checks from his mother’s account.

GUILTY and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

State vs. Pedro Galvan, Jr.

Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact

Lead: Brenna Buchanan

2nd Chair: Kathryn Suggs

DA Investigator: Ryan Rodriguez

DA Victim Advocate: Pam Betts

Investigating Agency: Irving Police Department

The defendant was found guilty of Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact.

GUILTY and defendant agreed to 2 years in prison and waiver of appeal.

State vs. Saul Sanchez

Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child under the age of 14

Lead: Kristen vanBolden

2nd Chair: Brenna Buchanan

DA Investigator: Natarsha Page

DA Victim Advocate: Yvonne Macias & Pam Betts

Investigating Agency: Dallas Police Department

The defendant was convicted of continually sexually abusing a child under the age of 14.

GUILTY and sentenced to LIFE in prison + a $10,000 fine.

State vs. Alejandro Garcia

Aggravated Assault of Security Officer

Lead: Amber Moore

2nd Chair: Marissa Trevino

DA Investigator: Tom Naulty

Investigating Agency: Dallas Police Department

On July 28, 2023, a store manager from one of the shops at a shopping center contacted security because people were drinking on the property. When the security officer asked them to leave, everyone left except the defendant, and he began insulting the security officer. The defendant eventually pulled out a knife and threatened to stab the security officer and moved toward him with a thrusting motion. Thinking quickly, the security officer pepper sprayed the defendant causing him to leave the scene. Officers arrested the defendant more than an hour later after he came back to the scene and continued to drink on the property.

During the punishment phase of the trial, the jury heard evidence of the defendant’s prior burglary of a habitation felony conviction, federal priors of illegal re-entry, and at the time of the offense it being at least his fourth time entering the country illegally.

GUILTY and sentenced to 12 years in prison.


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