The Justice Journal: Vol. 34

The Justice Journal: Vol. 34

A look at cases recently prosecuted by the Dallas County Criminal District Attorney's Office.

The Justice Journal

State vs. Darrin Lopez


Lead: Brandi Mitchell

2nd Chair: Caitlin Paver

Adam Seiffert

DA Investigator: Richard Forness

DA Victim Advocate: Indira Garcia

Investigating Agency: Dallas Police Department

On the morning of October 9, 2020, the Defendant fatally shot 49-year-old James “Jamie” Faith as he and his wife Jennifer walked their dog in their North Oak Cliff neighborhood. Detectives traced a black Nissan Titan spotted at the scene to the Defendant’s Tennessee home. An investigation revealed the Defendant had engaged in a seven-month-long emotional affair with the victim’s wife, Jennifer Faith, whom he had previously dated in high school. The Defendant claimed Jennifer Faith had deceived him into believing her husband, James Faith, was abusing her, forcing the Defendant to defend her. However, evidence showed the Defendant took no logical steps to confirm the abuse or otherwise secure Jennifer Faith’s safety. At the end of the investigation, it became clear that the Defendant and Jennifer Faith were both guilty of planning and executing the murder of James Faith.

Prosecutors Brandi Mitchell and Caitlin Paver want to specifically thank the jurors for their time and their thoughtful consideration of all the evidence before them.

GUILTY and sentenced to 62 years in prison

State vs. Nathan Olivarez

Aggravated Robbery (x5)

Lead: Brenna Buchanan

2nd Chair: Dimitri Anagnostis

DA Investigator: John Schingle

Investigating Agency: Dallas Police Department

While out on bond for an Aggravated Robbery in August of 2021, on Christmas Eve 2021, the Defendant and his brother held one of the Defendant’s friends at gunpoint and stole his weapon. On the way out to the car, while the victim is on the phone with 911, they shot up at the apartment, shattering the glass door. The Defendant texted several people about taking the gun and posts the gun on his social media. Five hours later he committed an Aggravated Robbery of 2 men in a car and shot at them as they drove away, hitting the driver in the back of the head. The driver was in a coma for months and is paralyzed on his right side. On December 26th, the Defendant committed two Aggravated Robberies of convenience stores. When arrested on December 27th, the Defendant’s home had the stolen gun and the gun used to paralyze the victim in his toilet tank, as well as stolen items from the convenience stores. Social media, cell phone locations, and cell extractions all corroborated the offenses. The 12.24.21 offense was tried with the remaining four offenses put on in punishment.

GUILTY and sentenced to 99 years in prison and a $10,000 fine

State vs. Shon Irving

Capital Murder

Lead: Leah Dintino

2nd Chair: Alex Dobiyanski

DA Investigator: Victor Vasquez

Investigating Agency: Dallas Police Department

The Resendiz family was celebrating a 9-year-old’s birthday at their home. The Defendant was with his girlfriend and friends in a car driving down the street. He had an encounter with the first victim, Raul Resendiz, so he pulled his car over and shot Raul. He got back in his car and fled the scene while Raul’s daughter, Diana, attempted to chase the Defendant in her car. The Defendant stopped, got out of his car, and shot Diana murdering her within minutes of the first murder. Thanks to Detective Grubbs with DPD, he investigated the case for over a year eventually tracking down the murderer.

GUILTY plea and sentenced to 45 years in prison

State vs. Lawrence Matl

Release Snake from Captivity

Lead: Jessica Trevizo

2nd Chair: Kishwer Lakhani

DA Investigator: Steve Wilson

Investigating Agency: Grand Prairie Police Department

On 8/03/2021 around 5:30 PM, Grand Prairie Police Dept was contacted by animal services about a venomous 6-foot West African Banded Cobra that had escaped its enclosure at a resident’s house. Officers responded and spoke with the Defendant who stated that he purchased two cobras about two weeks earlier after winning a large sum of money off a lottery ticket. The Defendant stated that he fed the snake and left the room for 15 minutes. Upon his return, the Cobra was gone. The Defendant admitted he did not have a locking mechanism on the enclosure even though it had previously escaped. The Defendant was charged with Release Snake from Captivity under the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code.

On 7/26/2023, the jury found the Defendant guilty and both parties agreed to a sentence of 180 days in jail probated over 15 months.

GUILTY and sentenced to 180 days in jail probated over 15 months.



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