Elder Financial Circles

Elder Financial Safety Center
A public safety project made possible by the W. W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation at Communities Foundation of Texas
3910 Harry Hines Boulevard | Dallas, TX 75219 | Phone: 214.525.6130 or 214.823.5700
E-mail Us: efsc@theseniorsource.org

  • An adult turning 65 has questions about insurance for now and in the future. Which Medicare and long-term care plans should she consider? Is retirement even an option that she can afford and should she consult with a financial counselor?
  • An older gentleman becomes unemployed. Aside from employment counseling, does he need to consider temporary benefits, debt management or help with budgeting?
  • An individual helping an elderly aunt with her finances grows concerned that she has not eaten, observes that her pill bottles are empty and that the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets are without food. Is a guardianship warranted for the best interest of this older adult?
  • A son is awarded power of attorney over his parents' affairs and coerces his parents into transferring accounts to him and signs off on selling some of their property for his personal gain. Is this a case that needs to be investigated and possibly prosecuted?