Elder Financial Circles

Elder Financial Safety Center
A public safety project made possible by the W. W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation at Communities Foundation of Texas
3910 Harry Hines Boulevard | Dallas, TX 75219 | Phone: 214.525.6130 or 214.823.5700
E-mail Us: efsc@theseniorsource.org

1.Would you like someone to help you with a budget?
2.Do you think a friend or family member is taking financial advantage of you?
3.Are you concerned about an older adult who can no longer make sound and safe decisions for themselves?
4.Are you getting unsolicited phone calls or visits regarding investments, lotteries, home repairs or financial planning?
5.Are you over 50 and need a job?
6.Do you have to choose between buying medicine and paying utility bills?
7.Would you like to learn more about benefits you could be receiving?
8.Do you know an older adult who is confused and their money, home and valuables are being taken by other people?
9.Have you been pressured to sign any legal documents such as a power of attorney, a will or a deed?
10.Do you have questions about Medicare or other insurance?
11.Are you concerned about an older adult living alone with no family or friends, who forgets to pay bills or go to the doctor?
12.Would computer classes help you with getting a job?
13.Is your credit card debt out of control?
14.Can you afford to keep your home safe?
15.Are you having trouble paying your bills?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions and live in Dallas County,
the Elder Financial Safety Center can help.
Contact us today at efsc@theseniorsource.org to learn how.