Official and Legal Notices

Official and Legal Notices

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Phone: (214) 653-7886
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m., Monday - Friday (except for Court Approved Holidays)

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Dallas County Commissioners Court Meeting Agenda09/13/202109/21/2021
(UPDATED) Dallas County Commissioners Court Special Called Meeting09/10/202109/14/2021
Dallas County Salary Grievance Committee Special Called Meeting09/14/202109/17/2021
Dallas County Civil Service Commission Microsoft Teams Meeting09/15/202109/20/2021
Citizens Elections Advisory Committee (CEAC) Meeting09/10/202109/15/2021
Parkland Budget Hearing09/03/202109/07/2021
Public Hearing To Consider County & District Clerk's Archive Fee Plan09/03/202109/07/2021
Notice of Public Hearing For The Petition For The Creation Of Dallas County Irrigation Dist 1 Along With The Order Signed By Judge Jenkins09/03/202109/07/2021
Dallas County CDBG Public Hearing 07/30/202108/03/2021
Dallas County Emergency Addendum for FEMA Application for Vaccine Distribution01/05/202101/05/2021
Supplemental Order Of County Judge Clay Jenkins On Continuing Requirements After Expiration Of Stay Home, Stay Safe05/20/202005/20/2020
Supplemental Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins on Requirements for Food Processing Plants After Expiration of Stay Home, Stay Safe05/20/202005/20/2020
Proposed Supplemental Order on Continuing Requirements06/19/202006/19/2020
02-15-2021 Executive Order of County Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins02/15/202102/15/2021
Local Declaration of Disaster 2021 Snow and Ice Storm02/15/202102/15/2021
Dallas County Executive Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins04/01/202004/01/2020
Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins Local Declaration of Disaster08/25/202008/25/2020
Order of the Local Health Authority Closing Certain Businesses07/27/202007/24/2020
Order Rescinding the July 16, 2020, Order of the Local Health Authority for Public and Private Schools08/11/202008/11/2020
Dallas County Order of County Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins Modifying Order on Required use of a Face Mask in Certain Public Space08/16/202108/16/2021
Dallas County Order of County Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins on Required use of a Face Mask in Certain Public Space08/13/202108/12/2021
Dallas County Health and Human Services Health Authority Order- Face Masks Contact Tracing08/12/202108/12/2021
Final Order Irrigation District No 1 and Recorded- Petition for Formation of Dallas County Irrigation District No 109/03/202109/07/2021
Motion to Seal Cause DC-21-09409 TTS LLC Plaintiff V. Positive Transportation LLC Thomas Whaley and Thomas Hatton Jr Defendants08/25/202109/08/2021
Order Signature Verification Committee09/01/202110-26-2021 through 11-10-2021
Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas Board of Directors Meeting09/02/202109/15/2021
Dallas County Criminal Justice Jail Population Committee Meeting Agenda09/03/202109/10/2021
Notice of the Governing Body of the Dallas County Park Cities Meeting Agenda09/03/202109/14/2021
Dallas County Youth Services Advisory Board09/07/202109/13/2021
Valwood Improvement Authority Board of Directors Meeting 09/07/202109/15/2021
 Public Notice of Motion to Seal Court Records Pursuant to Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 76a Cause DC 19-17313 Niels Oldenburg v. Margot Burrell09/08/202110/05/2021
RWPC Planning and Priorities Committee Meeting09/08/202109/15/2021
Dallas County Criminal Justice Advisory Board Meeting Agenda09/08/202109/13/2021
DHA Board of Commissioners Virtual Telephonic Meeting09/08/202109/13/2021
Northwest Dallas County Flood Control District Board of Directors regular Meeting09/08/202109/14/2021
Metrocare Services Mental Health Advisory Committee Meeting09/09/202109/13/2021
Continuous Improvement Steering Committee Agenda (Teams Meeting)09/09/202109/13/2021
Grand Prairie Metropolitan Utility and Reclamation District  Notice of Meeting09/10/202109/15/2021
DART Budget and Finance Meeting09/10/202109/14/2021
DART Board of Directors' Meeting09/10/202109/14/2021
DART COMMITTEE-OF-THE WHOLE Agenda09/10/202109/14/2021
DART Planning and Capital Programs Agenda09/10/202109/14/2021
DART Customer Service, Safety and Mobility Agenda09/10/202109/14/2021
 DART Economic Opportunity and Diversity Agenda09/10/202109/14/2021
DART Mobility Services Board of Directors' Meeting09/10/202109/14/2021
Irving Flood Control District, Section III Board of Directors Notice of Meeting09/10/202109/13/2021

Irving Flood Control District Section I Board of Directors Notice of Meeting

Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District Notice of Meeting09/10/202109/15/2021
Dallas College Regular Meeting Agenda09/10/202109/14/2021
Dallas College Finance Committee Meeting Agenda09/14/202109/14/2021
Dallas College Education Workforce Committee Meeting Agenda09/14/202109/14/2021
Dallas College Audit Committee Meeting Agenda09/14/202109/14/2021
Dallas College Chancellor Performance Review Committee Meeting Agenda09/14/202109/14/2021
Workforce Solutions Child Care Task Force09/10/202109/21/2021
Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas Board of Directors Meeting09/10/202109/15/2021
Lancaster Municipal Utility District No. 1 Board of Directors Regular Session09/13/202109/14/2021
Appraisal Review Board Public Meeting Notice09/14/202109/23/2021
Ryan White Planning Council Needs Assessment Committee Meeting09/14/202109/21/2021
Dallas County Municipal Utility District No. 4 Agenda09/14/202109/22/2021
Ryan White Planning Council Consumer Council Meeting09/14/202109/23/2021
Metrocare Services Ad Hoc Committee Agenda09/16/202109/20/2021
Motion to Seal CAUSE NO. DC-21-09409 TTS.LLC. v Positive Tranportation LL,Thomas Whaley, Thomas Hatton Jr., and EmergeTech LLC09/16/202110/01/2021
North Central Texas Council of Governments Executive Board Agenda09/17/202109/23/2021