New Directions Public Safety Grant

    New Direction Public Safety Grant

    Administration Building - 500 Elm street, 7th Floor, Suite 7600, Dallas, TX 75202
    Office: 214-653-7327

    Program Overview

    Dallas County is committed to expanding the range of first responders to public safety issues beyond law enforcement; along with identifying and investing in basic human needs for housing, health care, increased household income, living wage employment, recreation and arts in our communities. As such, Dallas County invites interested municipalities to submit related proposals for grant funding, as approved by Dallas County Commissioners Court.



    OBJECTIVE:  The goal of this grant to is to provide seed grants to help cities and groups of cities address the crisis of criminalization, mental health, poverty and homelessness and utilize alternatives to police response and incarceration to more properly address the needs of Dallas County residents. The proposals funded by this grant will in turn provide information and data for the University Of Texas at Dallas Institute of Urban Policy Research in their development of an evaluation tool to monitor the effectiveness of the programs developed by the cities. 

    AWARDS:  Dallas County has allocated a total of $3,000,000 for grant proposals. Grant awards will cover a two-year time frame, (calendar year January – December), and the total award amounts will be determined during the grant decision process.

    APPLICATION PROCESS:  All applications must be submitted through Dallas County’s online application process that is accessible directly through the portal below. All proposals must contain the requirements as outlined in the proposal submittal. The portal will be open for submissions Monday, November 9, 2020 – Monday, December 14, 2020. All proposals must be submitted within this time frame for consideration.

    PROPOSAL REVIEW:  Submitted proposals will be reviewed by a Committee at the direction of Dallas County Administration.

    REPORTING:  Regular reporting to Dallas County will be required along with the sharing of data and information to the University of Texas at Dallas Institute of Urban Policy Research.

    SPECIAL PROVISIONS:  Because of the program’s mission to rapidly provide assistance, the program will have the following special provisions:

    • The County Administrator will have the authority to revise any of the program’s policies, allocations, rules, and terms provided he informs the Commissioners Court within twenty-four hours of the proposed change.
    • However, he does not have the authority to unilaterally provide additional funding to the program.
    • Should the County Administrator revise a component of this program and sufficiently informs the Court, the Court still retains the right to formally rescind, reverse, alter, or adopt the revision.

    Meeting the criteria does not obligate Dallas County to provide assistance to any municipality submitting a grant request. Any award granted under this program may not supplant – take the place of, replace – other funds used to offer these programs and services.

    All costs directly or indirectly related to the preparation of a response to this program shall be the sole responsibility of the respondent of this RFG and shall be borne by the same.