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Records Building - 500 Elm Street, Suite 7000, Dallas, TX 75202
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Dallas County welcomes, supports, and values immigrant, refugee, and marginalized communities as integral members of our community. As one of the most diverse and fastest growing counties in the United States, immigrants and refugees are, and will continue to be, a vital part of the civic, economic, and social life of Dallas County. Dallas County will stand with organizations and groups that provide aide and services to immigrants and refugees.

Below is a list of resources we have identified that may be able to help depending on your needs; it was adapted primarily from the "Directory of Refugee Service Agencies" of the Volunteer Guide to Refugee Service Agencies in Dallas/Fort Worth c/o Linda Abramson Evans, United Nations Association USA-Dallas Chapter, Further resources have been added for immigration and other community services.


The family preparedness kit is a useful set of tools that explains your rights and outlines processes to help children and relatives in case of an unexpected emergency.

ACLU TX LogoAmerican Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
P.O. Box 8306, Houston, TX 77288-8306

Tel: 214-346-6575

Litigation, lobbying and community empowerment.
AILA LogoAmerican Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Tel: Saenz-Rodriguez & Associates - 214-637-5700

AILA member attorneys represent U.S. families seeking permanent residence for close family members, as well as U.S. businesses seeking talent from the global marketplace. AILA members also represent foreign students, entertainers, athletes, and asylum seekers, often on a pro bono basis.
Catholic Charities LogoCatholic Charities of Dallas, Refugee Services
1421 West Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75247

Tel: 214-553-9909 | Fax: 214-553-7757

Financial education, career development and training, employment counseling, pregnancy & adoption help, after-school program, Brady Senior Center, immigration and legal services, reception and placement, cultural orientation, refugee cash assistance and match grant.
 LogoCatholic Charities of Fort Worth, Immigration and Refugee Services
249 West Thornhill Dr, Ft. Worth, TX 76115

Tel: 817-534-0814 | Fax: 817-535-8779

Financial education, career development and training, employment counseling, pregnancy & adoption help, after-school program, immigration and legal services, reception and placement, cultural orientation, refugee cash assistance and match grant.
Center for Survivors of Torture LogoCenter for Survivors of Torture
4108 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

Tel: 214-827-2314 | Fax: 214-887-1401

Counseling for survivors of torture, English language training, resume building, job searches, bus cards, food cards, finding housing, food and clothing.
DFW Int'l community Alliance Refugee Support Network LogoDFW International Community Alliance Refugee Support Network
2717 Hackberry Ln, Garland, TX 75042

Tel: 972-965-5727

Welcome gifts and food support for all new refugee families, mentoring, furniture, school bags, bicycles, toys and gifts for Christmas and Eid, education services for families with special needs children and access to SSI.
Equal Justice Center LogoEqual Justice Center
1250 W. Mockingbird Ln, Suite 455, Dallas, TX 75247

Tel: 469 228-4226

The Equal Justice Center represents low-wage workers in employment disputes, regardless of immigration status. The Equal Justice Center represents working women and men who have not been paid at all for their work; workers who have not been paid the legal minimum wage, overtime wages, or prevailing wage rates; low-wage workers who have experienced workplace discrimination, including sexual harassment; and working people who have suffered retaliation for speaking up about their wages or working conditions.
 LogoForced Migration Upward Mobility Project
P.O. Box 153217, Arlington, TX 76015

Tel: 682-587-4332 or 817-487-3554

The goal of the Forced Migration Upward Mobility Project is to rethink refugees in resettlement as active agents in their own livelihoods. FMUMP works with practitioners, the private sector, and refugees to develop sound programs based on research outcomes that contribute to alternative and sustainable livelihood practices in resettlement. In looking at longitudinal refugee employment outcomes, we hope to capture the enabling environments that facilitate upward mobility in newcomer populations.
Parkland LogoHatcher Station Health Center (Parkland Health & Hospital System)
4600 Scyene Rd, Dallas, TX 75210

Tel: 214-266-1127 | Fax: 214-266-1128

Refugee outreach services.
Heart House LogoHeart House Dallas
PO Box 823162, Dallas, TX 75382

Tel: 214-750-7637 | Fax: 214-750-1843

Heart House is a nonprofit that provides safety, education and opportunity to refugee and underprivileged children. We provide interventions and support services to move students from a mindset of chaos to an oasis of calm.
Human Rights Inititiative of North      TX LogoHuman Rights Initiative of North Texas, Inc.
2801 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

Tel: 214-855-0520 | Fax: 214-855-0793

Free legal services to those seeking asylum, relief under the Violence Against Women Act, victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, immigrant victims of crime and immigrant child victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment and social services
Int'l Rescue Committee LogoInternational Rescue Committee (IRC)
6500 Greenville Ave, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75206

Tel: 214-461-9781 | Fax: 214-461-9782

Resettlement (help with rent, furnitures and food), economic empowerment (Enligsh language classes and job, computer and financial literary skills), job placement, community integraton and development, health and wellness and legal services toward residency and citizenship.
 LogoIslamic Association of North Texas, Inc.
840 Abrams Rd, Richardson, TX 75081
P.O. Box 833010, Richardson, TX 75083

Tel: 972-231-5698 | Text: 972-559-4268 | Fax: 972-231-6707

The Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) is a non-profit organization of Muslims dedicated to worship, education, and community service in the Richardson (North Texas) area.
Jewish Family Services LogoJewish Family Services
5402 Arapaho Rd, Dallas, TX 75248

Tel: 972-437-9950 | Fax: 972-437-1988

Emergency assistance, food pantry, career and employment services, family violence intervention and emergency financial assistance.
 LogoLawyers For America


Constitutional crisis pro bono volunteer lawyers.
LULAC LogoLeague of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
Council #100
Dallas, TX 75231

Tel: 214-563-7904

Assistance with immigration applications through its Hispanic Immigrant Integration Program.
 LogoLos Barrios Unidos Community Clinic
809 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212

Tel: 214-540-0300

Medical servics for patients with Medicaid and Chip eligibility and enrollment. People with low income can apply to our pay scale for services based on their income. Services include: Pediatrics, Family Practice, Dental Care for Children, Immunizations, Laboratory Services, Diabetes Care, Behavioral Care, Family Planning, Podiatry, Pharmacy, Vision, WIC, HIV testing, Cholesterol Screening.
Mosaic Family Services LogoMosaic Family Services
12225 Greenville Ave, Suite 800, Dallas, TX 75243

Tel: 214-821-5393 | Fax: 214-821-0810

Free immigration and family law services for victims of human rights abuses, counseling, client advocacy and community education.
North Texas Dream Team LogoNorth Texas Dream Team
930 W. Page Ave, Suite C, Dallas, TX 75208

Tel: 1-877-686-6838

Support and resources for undocumented youth including free immigration workshops and classes, educational counseling and networking.
Northwest Community Center LogoNorthwest Community Center
5750 Pineland Dr, Dallas, TX 75231

Tel: 214-396-6517
English classes and after-school help, job readiness training, donations and youth programs.
Project Start LogoProject: Start Refugee Resource Center
7222 Fair Oaks Ave, Apt 1417, Dallas, TX 75231

Tel: 817-773-1097

Provides resource referrals to refugees and their families who can come, explain their needs and receive the information they need regarding assistance for their specific situation.
Proyecto Inmigrante LogoProyecto Inmigrante, Inc.
415 E. Airport Freeway, Suite 150, Irving, TX 75062

Tel: 1-888-793-2182 ext. 3201

Serves, educates and assists the immigrant community in matters concerning immigration and education.
Refugee Services of Texas LogoRefugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES)
1910 Pacific Ave, Suite 5045, Dallas, TX 75201

Tel: 214-295-9554 | Fax: 214-295-9554

RAICES has a dedicated team of attorneys, accredited representatives, and legal assistants, in addition to volunteers, student interns and partnering pro bono attorneys that provide counsel and representation in a full range of defenses against deportation before the Immigration Court, as well as representation before United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in family-based immigration cases, visas and other affirmative applications.
Refugee Services of Texas LogoRefugee Services of Texas, Inc. - Dallas
9696 Skillman Rd, #320, Dallas, TX 75243

Tel: 214-821-4883 | Fax: 214-821-4899

Resettlement, job readiness training and job placement, English language training, immigration assistance, social adjustment services, medical case management and refugee cash assistance.
 LogoRefugee Services of Texas, Inc. - Fort Worth
4200 South Freeway, Suite 320, Fort Worth, TX 76115

Tel: 817-413-3772 | Fax: 817-413-9603

Resettlement, job readiness training and job placement, English language training, immigration assistance, social adjustment services, medical case management and refugee cash assistance.
Seek the Peace LogoSeek the Peace
7225 Fair Oaks Ave, Dallas, TX 75231

Tel: 972-807-2634

Women's empowerment, children and youth education, leadership development and advocacy.
Texas Muslim Women's Foundation LogoTexas Muslim Women’s Foundation
P.O. Box 863388, Plano, TX 75086

Tel: 469-467-6241
24 hr. Hotline: 972-880-4192
E-mail: or

Social services-Trauma Informed, culturally sensitive services for victims of Domestic Violence, including: case management, counseling , play therapy,immigration and Family law legal services, financial assistance, 24hr. crisis shelter, transitional housing .Other programs are youth, education and interfaith outreach.
 LogoVickery Meadow Learning Center (VMLC)
6329 Ridgecrest Rd, Dallas, TX 75231

Tel: 214-265-5057, ext. 102

VMLC serves adults and children by teaching English literacy skills at no charge in multiple Dallas neighborhoods. Visit our website to learn more.
 LogoWorld Relief
4059 Bryan Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110

Tel: 817-924-0748 | Fax: 817-921-9784

Immigrant legal and employment services.