Trails in District 4

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District 4 TrailsDistrict 4 TrailsDistrict 4 Trails

Trails are great and we want more trails in District 4. Trails provide important green space, walkable and ride-able paths, add desireability to neighborhoods, and increase property values. Trails also provide a scenic and fun way to improve the health of people and pets. The Dallas County Open Space System is run by Planning and Development and includes trails and preserves. Many trails throughout Dallas County are partnerships between Dallas County and the respective municipalities.

I would like to thank the Dallas County Trail and Preserve Program (TAPP) Board for thier leadership in helping to improve our Trail System and outreach to the public about the trails. I would especially like to thank my TAPP Board appointee, Mr. Michael Amonett for his hard work and dedication to Trails in Dallas County.