Strategic Plan

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On September 25, 2007, Dallas County’s first strategic plan was formally adopted by the Commissioners Court. Developed over an eighteen-month period, the plan is the result of an extensive survey of County employees, numerous discussion sessions, a review of key statistical data, and interviews with almost 100 elected officials, County staff members, business leaders, representatives of other local governments, and community organizations.

This plan has been developed to serve as a framework for an to guide the County in its decision-making over the next ten years. The plan identifies five goals-visions-for the County as well as strategies and roles that the County can follow as it pursues these goals. It also identifies 79 specific activities that the County can undertake that will help the County achieve these goals.

It is anticipated that the County will use this plan as it allocates its resources and that, in general, the projects and the programs that the County conducts and provides will be consistent with this plan. It is recognized, though, that the County may undertake some activities over the next ten years that are not presently included in the plan as new situations and opportunities arise. In such instances, the presence of the plan will enable the County to determine whether a new initiative will significantly divert County resources away from existing goals or whether the goals themselves need to be revised.

Executive Summary of Plan
Dallas County Strategic Plan