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Girls Who Code - FREE 7-week Summer Immersion Program

Wed Feb 26, 2020 at 12:02 PM

Our FREE 7-week Summer Immersion Program teaches 10th–11th grade students (rising juniors or seniors) the computer science skills they need to make an impact in their community while preparing for a career in tech. In the Summer Immersion Program, girls will learn about:


  • CAREERS — They’ll meet inspiring female role models in the field and get an inside look at the tech world through guest speakers, workshops, fun field trips and more! Their summer will be spent in classrooms hosted at the world’s top companies, like Twitter, Amazon, AT&T, Warner Brothers, and Microsoft.
  • SKILLS AND IMPACT — They’ll learn to code through hands on real-world projects in art and storytelling, robotics, video games, websites, apps, and more. By the end of the summer, they’ll also create a final project that solves a real-world problem they care about combining their new coding skills with their passions to change the world!
  • SISTERHOOD — As essential members of our Girls Who Code sisterhood, they’ll learn in a supportive, all-female environment and make lifelong friendships that encourage them to be brave, take risks, and stand up for what matters to them! 


No prior experience in computer science is necessary to apply. In addition to providing a free program, Girls Who Code provides students with free lunch every day. Summer stipends to cover transportation and living costs between $350 and $1,200 are also available for students who qualify.


The application closes on March 13th.


Girls Who Code is Coming to Our Community!


Encourage girls you know to get their start in tech by applying to the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program! The Summer Immersion Program is a FREE 7-week summer program for 10th–11th grade girls (rising juniors and seniors) to learn the computer science skills they need to make an impact in their community while preparing for a career in tech. Classrooms are hosted at influential tech companies and corporate offices, like Goldman Sachs, AT&T, and Disney, where girls will be exposed to mentors and role models. The Dallas-area programs this summer will be located on corporate campuses (in downtown Dallas, Addison, Coppell, and Plano), and will run from June 15 through July 31. Stipends of up to $1200 to cover transportation and living costs are available to those who qualify. 


Other cities hosting the program include: Atlanta, Bentonville, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Fayetteville, Hartford, Houston, Irvine, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Stamford, Washington DC, and Wilmington. 


Applications are due March 13th.


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