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Dallas County Records Building Renovation Project

Thu Feb 7, 2019 at 12:45 PM

The Dallas County Records Building is an important part of Dallas County history, which is why we have decided to not only renovate the building with a modern design, but preserve historical artifacts and put them on display. After touring the project with several representatives of historical and preservation groups across Dallas, it was noted that the project unearthed many wonderful artifacts which are being carefully stored off-site.

"I think the combination of modern office space in these historic buildings, on the site where Dallas County has been for 150 to 160 years, is a commitment to not only recognizing the past, but moving forward with the future." – Marcel Quimby, FAIA. Quimby McCoy Preservation Architecture, LLP

 For more information and to view the original and post-renovation photos visit Dallas County Records Building Renovation Project.