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Truancy Vision Project

Thu Apr 19, 2018 at 02:53 PM

After over 2 years of research, planning and preparation by PDG Wayne Meachum, the first Truancy Vision Project vision clinic was held on Thursday, April 19, 2018, at the Dallas County Truancy Court of Judge Larry Rayford on South Polk Street in Oak Cliff. The clinic was a partnership between the District 2-X1 Lions Sight and Tissue Foundation and the Low Vision Clinic with support from The Oak Cliff Lions Club and Dallas County.

Research indicates that 85% 90% of students who get involved in the truancy system have undetected and/or unaddressed vision difficulties. This clinic seems to verify those findings. Of the 14 students whose vision was screened, 13 proved to have vision problems that could be corrected with proper eyeglasses. The vision exams and the eyeglasses are provided free- of charge through the project.

Lions from the Sight and Tissue Foundation, The Oak Cliff Lions Club. Duncanville Evening Lions Club, Carrollton Evening Lions Club and the Dallas Founders Lions Club collectively provided over a hundred hours of service to the project. With a vast need for the vision services being provided through this project, additional clinics are planned with the Truancy Courts.

Volunteers from the Oak Cliff Lions Club included PDG Wayne Meachum, PP Michelle Metzger (President of the Sight and Tissue Foundation), Charlene Vezina and this writer. Dallas County Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia also a member of The Oak Cliff Lions Club paid a welcome surprise visit to the clinic.