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Chronicle Summer 2017 Issue

Mon Jul 17, 2017 at 10:00 AM

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Summer 2017 Issue!

Summer 2017

In this issue you'll find:

  • Anshe Sphard
  • Marker Funding
  • Marker Schedule
  • Irving Heritage Society
  • Medical Society
  • Juanita H. Nañez

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State Historical Marker Application Period to Begin September 1

While it always seems to be a long way off—like Christmas when you were a kid--it is suddenly almost that time once again—the start of the State’s annual historical marker application period. Beginning on September 1, it will be possible to submit applications for markers to the Dallas County Historical Commission.

Markers can be sought to commemorate events, people, cemeteries, subjects, and structures. If you are trying to determine whether a particular topic or building is historic, just remember two basic principles:

  • The structure, event, subject, etc. usually must be at least fifty years old or must have occurred at least fifty years ago; and
  • Just because something (or someone) is old does not mean that it is historic.

Rick Loessberg, the County’s Director of Planning & Development, and members of the County’s Historical Commission are available to help answer questions about preparing an application. Please contact Mr. Loessberg at (214) 653-7601 or at if you need any assistance.

Once an application has been completed, it must electronically be submitted to Mr. Loessberg no later than November 1 for it to be considered during this cycle.

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