City of Cockrell Hill

Administrative Office: 500 Elm St, Suite 7400, Dallas, TX 75202
Road and Bridge Office: 4403 W. Illinois Ave Dallas, Texas 75211
Administrative Office: 214-653-6670   Fax: 214-653-7994
District Office: 214-339-8381   Fax: 214-337-9558

Cockrell Hill

Cockrell Hill City Information

Cockrell Hill is located in southwest Dallas County a mile south of Interstate Highway 30. The City was named for either Wesley Cockrell or his cousin Alexander Cockrell, an early Dallas County pioneer. The Cockrell place was known to travelers on the stage line that ran from Dallas to Fort Belknap and on to El Paso and the west. The settlement developed as an agricultural crossroads and by the late 1800s had a few scattered homes, a small store, and a school. Water became the overriding issue for the town's continued growth. Frank Jester, a local developer, laid out the plan for the modern community of Cockrell Hill in 1911. A first attempt at incorporation in 1925 proved unsuccessful, and the following year a vote to disincorporate was approved. The second incorporation passed on July 21, 1937, when the population was 459. The town grew to a population of 1,246 in 1941. Many of the new residents worked in war-related industries located in the surrounding areas. In 1952 the population was 2,194, in 1990 it was 3,916, and in 2000 it was 4,445.

Police Department:

4125 West Clarendon Drive - Dallas, TX 75211
(214) 339-4141

City Hall:

4125 West Clarendon Drive - Dallas, TX 75211

The Cockrell Hill City Council consists of the Mayor and five Council Members in places designated as 1 through 5, all elected at large for two year terms by qualified voters within the city limits of Cockrell Hill.

The City Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at Cockrell Hill City Hall, 4125 W. Clarendon. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings and comment on items being considered by the Council.

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