Commissioners Court Agenda

Administrative Office: 500 Elm St, Suite 7400, Dallas, TX 75202
Road and Bridge Office: 4403 W. Illinois Ave Dallas, Texas 75211
Administrative Office: 214-653-6670   Fax: 214-653-7994
District Office: 214-339-8381   Fax: 214-337-9558

The County Commissioners Court convenes in a formal session each Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. The court reporter records the official actions of the court throughout the session and the transcript of the proceedings is filed for record with the County Clerk.

Briefing Session

After the formal session is adjourned a briefing session is usually convened at which time the Commissioners court considers items from county departments that must have the Commissioners court approval. Once the Commissioners court approves an item in briefing it appears on the formal agenda the following Tuesday and is officially recorded for a record vote at that time.

Formal agendas; formal orders

Items that were approved during the briefing session will be submitted on the formal agenda for action no later than the second Tuesday following the briefing. At this time, the Commissioners court will sign a court order for the item approved in briefing. Formal orders must be submitted to the Commissioners court clerk no later than a week prior.

Commissioners Court Agendas

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