Marshal Service / Building Security

Marshal Service / Building Security

George Allen Sr., Courts Building - 600 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75202
Emergency Assistance:  214-653-7000


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Peace Officers • Security Level III • Dispatchers


The Dallas County Marshals Service is a 24-7-365 life safety organization comprised of diverse professional men and women who embody the best aspects of law enforcement, corporate security and related support functions. ‘Service First, Always’ is the Department motto, and we consider it our duty and privilege not only to protect citizens, employees and property from both crime and misfortune, but also to provide the highest levels of service and assistance at every opportunity. The primary responsibility of the DCMS is to protect all buildings, facilities and property owned by Dallas County, and to protect the employees and citizens who work in, or visit, these same locations.

The DCMS is comprised of sworn TCOLE licensed Peace Officers who conduct patrols, emergency responses, make arrests and conduct investigations. They are supported by a cadre of Government Letter of Authority (GLOA) armed guards who staff County facilities and other static Posts. Further, the DCMS operates a modern and fully functional Dispatch and Monitoring Center that is staffed by TCOLE licensed telecommunicators.

The DCMS also is responsible for all Access Control Systems, Employee Badging, and Camera Monitoring and Surveillance efforts. Currently the DCMS operates over 400 hundred cameras that assist in protecting the 60 buildings and over 6 million square feet of property currently owned, leased or operated by Dallas County. The DCMS also oversees the contracted vendors that provide access screening for persons entering into our Civil and Criminal Court buildings.